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About InternetWisers

InternetWisers | Leverage Your Internet Success



Internetwisers is founded by 5 elites from successful business owners, top corporate executives, technologies & mobile experts.

Our mission is to help online internet marketers succeed in their home-based internet business.

We are committed to help you leverage your internet success. If you are aiming to start a successful internet business, then we invite you to join us.

If you would like more information about InternetWisers, you can email us at: admin@internetwisers.com



InternetWisers members:


Internetwiser Charles Wai
Charles Wai

Charles Wai SEO ContributorSocial Medial Specialist

My philosophy is “Innovate For Life”.

Coming from a humble family, I have worked hard, learned diligently from many mentors and built my experience to succeed from young.

I was awarded the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Silver Award in 1996. Moving from Singapore to China as a young executive in 2005, I have added value in Global Supply Chain Management, which I was invited to write up on Market analysis and economics by a Top Online Procurement Publisher.

I was involved on the design and development of mobile products (i.e. ULC mobile phones), patenting niche products and developed the World’s First 3-in-1 full features Pico projector.

Today, as an entrepreneur, I am living my passion to “Innovate For Life” by bringing effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and values into people’s life.

Internetwiser Michael Tay

Michael Tay

Michael Tay

Hi, my name is Michael Tay. I am an entrepreneur with several businesses. My collegues and I, we have co-founded InternetWiser, with the intention of helping and teaching people to achieve success in their internet marketing activities.

This is through sharing our knowledge, skillsets, our experiences, our past mistakes  and to encourage everyone who is using the internet to leverage their success to have the right mindset be become a successful internet marketer.

Love people – Help people – Teach people is my motto, which is why I am so passionate in helping people to achieve success in internet marketing so that they can also be financial free.

Internetwisers Cliff Teo
Cliff Teo

Cliff Teo

I started my internet business as far back as 1999. As a start, I established cards hobby website in the early days. My great passion in internet marketing drives me back to the internet in 2007 specializing in free traffic generation. I am currently providing consulting services to local businesses in setting up online presence, as well as list building and maintenance. To know more about my  internet marketing services, visit www.cloudnetmedia.com and my personal blog is www.cliffteo.com.  Cliff believes in Only Winning Strategies                                                                            


internetwisers Steven Lek

Steven Lek

Steven Lek

Greetings from across the universe! As a globetrotting executive, I have worked, lived and played for over 20 years in 9 countries; from Singapore to Germany, Japan (twice), Thailand, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam and Malaysia. I am a Make-It-Happen person who has adapted and learned how to bridge the corporate, cultural, geographical and human divides. In human relations, I do my best to apply a healthy dose of empathy, humility, humor and a sense of fair play. I am now connecting the dots, learning vigorously and leveraging on the Internet – so that I can adopt Stephen Covey’s 8th habit to “Find My Voice, And Help Others Find Theirs.

internetwisers kuan kim san

Kuan Kim San

Kuan Kim San

Kim San used to be married to his job as an engineer but now he enjoys financial freedom being an internet entrepreneur.

He now spends quality time with his happy family, being a good model to his two sons, he is a good son to his aged parents, he is a good husband to his wife and he enjoys spending great time with his mastermind friends. His is passionate to share his deep knowledge in social media and he is passionate in teaching.