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Advertising Techniques For Successful Internet Business

Posted on: July 28th, 2011 by internetwisers No Comments

Start a successful internet business

Internetwisers successful internet businessTo help you start a successful internet business we first need to understand a few techniques in internet marketing. Having your product mentioned or getting a free link on another website is the one of the best ways to get new leads on the internet.

That is what effective online marketing is all about and that is putting your product or service in front of potential buyers at the exact timing that they are looking for it. This is also known as “pin-point marketing” which is different from advertising on television or radio which is known as “interruptive marketing” technique.

Interruptive marketing is a lot costlier and less effective than pinpoint marketing. The simple reason is that you are attempting to put your product out there in front of everybody instead of pinpointing those potential buyers who want to find out more about you and your business.

Successful Internet Business

How to start a successful internet business using pinpoint marketing?  Pinpoint marketing is the process of sending the right message at the right time so that it produces actual results.  For example, if you’re at a ball game and are eating a bag of popcorn. Just when you take a handful of popcorn the Coca-Cola logo appears on the big screen.  The next you thing you know you’re looking for the first vendor who can sell you a can of Coke.

However, if an advertisement for a new car appears on the big screen while you’re watching the game and eating popcorn, you’re less likely to be interested since it’s not something you’re looking for at that moment.  Interruptive marketing isn’t really targeted because it’s not something that you are actively looking for.

People who use the Internet are usually looking for a solution to a problem.  When you put your product in front of them at the right time you’ve reached a potential buyer. This is how you leverage your internet success that we are trying to help you on.

Day-part Marketing:  The placement and timing of advertisements on the Internet has become so important to online marketing that some companies, such as Yahoo!, are selling advertisements in “day-part”.  Day-part is something that has always been done in television advertising.  Day-part marketing works like this – specifying at which time of the day certain ads are viewed so that you can effectively target your customers.

Embedded Marketing Messages:  Nowadays, more people than ever are using the Internet to research a product before they buy.  As well, most Internet users are becoming more serious about the amount of time that they spend online.  Studies show that users are spending less time on the web and that the time they do spend surfing is focused and deliberate.  Many users bookmark their favorite websites so that they can access information fast and easily.  When people want a solution to a certain problem, such as a health issue or taking a vacation, they often look online for the answers.

This is why it is so important for you to really put your product or service exactly in front of them whenever you can. This factor really affects your internet success.

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