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Purpose Of A Squeeze Page, And Why Do You Need A Squeeze Page?

Posted on: September 5th, 2011 by internetwisers No Comments

Why Do You Need A Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page, also defined as a landing page or lead capture page. Purpose of a squeeze page, to capture the contact details of the visitor.Why You Need a Squeeze Page

Why do you need a squeeze page, the primary reason is to create a contact list of customers or potential customers that you can begin to establish a relationship with, and hopefully maintain that relationship far into the future.

How do you get someone to leave you with his or her contact details in a world full of email scams and spam? You offer them something valuable (free or charged) that they cannot pass up. In order to do this, you must be very focus with your target market so that you can target on their needs and make it very easy for them to turn over their email addresses to you.

While it is true that your goal is to make sales, obtaining the names of people who do not buy from you is also important. Statistic has been estimated that an average consumer will look at an offer seven times before purchasing. If you do not have a way to contact them, how do you recommend the offer again? That is why squeeze pages are so important.
But it is just the first step of the process. After someone fills out their contacts on your squeeze page, you must first deliver the offer (free or charged) which they filled their contact information for. You can then direct them immediately over to the salespage of your other product or service, or you can decide to just keep in contact with them by email. If you send out informative, useful information in your emails, someone is more likely to buy from you in future than if you just send out constant sales pitches. Therefore relation building is important, treat your list well & provide valuable information or items.

Lead capture pages are essential steps in the overall strategy of any internet marketer. Some MNC pay as much as 25,000 dollars to have a professional squeeze page developed for them. If there is one thing that you can invest in when it comes to your online marketing efforts, it should very well be the squeeze page. An effective one will allow you to earn back your investment very quickly and move into the profiting zone.

A squeeze page will do exactly what you want it to do, which is act as the passageway to your business by giving your target audience what they want. Therefore, the better the product you offer, the better results you will get with follow-up and sales from the leads that subscribed to your squeeze page.

You will need to have an autoresponder so that you can insert a form into your squeeze page. There are many auto-responders to choose from, recommended i.e. Aweber. You can set your auto-responder to send an email to the visitor as soon as he or she completes the squeeze page form, and then to continue sending out emails that will help build your relationship with your list at a scheduled sequences.

If you required more information to set up squeeze page, contact internetwisers.com

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