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Does Your Website Lack Luster? Get Advice To Turn Your website Into A Profitable Business!

Posted on: August 15th, 2011 by internetwisers 1 Comment

Simple basic tips to turn your website into a profitable business.

Turn Website Into Profitable BusinessHave your website live up to its fullest potential? Does it deliver the leads or sales that you hoped for? Does it give a representation of poor professionalism? Is it such a pain to update that you almost given up on it?

As a web design and internet marketing entity we received this common complaints every day, and with good reason. Gone are the days when having a successful web presence simply meant a simple page with your name, address, and phone number. The internet is becoming more competitive every day and it is important to edge over your competitors in the online realm. To get you headed in the right direction, here are the basic tips to turn your website into a profitable business:

Would you buy a pair of branded shoes in a run-down, dirt floor, straw hut?
If your website does not brand your company is professional, respected, trusting, and informative than your competition, then most likely your website visitors will not want to purchase your products/services or give you their contact information.
Yes, to have this set up does cost some time and money, and it is well worth the investment. Too many websites give the impression that the real business behind the website is smaller and inadequate compared to reality.
How many employees do you think I have? 1? 20? 50? If you thought of a higher number then our website has done its job. Get your website up to date and professional.
You can do this yourself, have an internal employees work on it, or pay a web design firm to take the load off your shoulders; ensure you make a goal to get it finished.

Make your website a marketing machine!
Having a website that markets 24/7 is one of the great benefits of the internet. People are searching for products and services all times on the internet. Setup your website to constantly seeking out new potential clients for you.
There are many ways to begin online marketing campaigns. You can invest in SEO (search engine optimization, services); this is the process of getting your website to come up in natural search result pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
You can start a PPC (pay-per-click). PPC is when you pay search engines like Google or Yahoo to display advertisements in search results in designated sponsored areas. With pay-per-click; i.e. every website visitor you receive from the service you pay the search engine, usually ranging from $0.50-$2.50 per visitor(can be lower if you know how).
You can start a company blog, write about current hot topics in your industry or try website banner advertising; displaying banner ads on other websites. For some having a newsletter is an effective marketing tool. There are many other options out there for marketing your website on the internet, you can contact us internetwisers.com for more information.

Don’t let your current website visitors run away!
Your website probably have some traffic from different sources. They could come from search engine optimization, links from other sites, offline advertising methods, or many other sources.
However in the end it does not matter where they come from or how many website visitors you have every day, if they all leave what is the point? Which is better, a website that has 30,000 visitors a day with 10 buying a product or 100 visitors a day with 50 who buy your product?
Website conversion is a key element to a successful and profitable website. You need to start by analyzing where website visitors are going on your website, what they are doing, what page they are leaving from, and why they are leaving.
Installing web analytical software can jumpstart you in the right direction to improve your ROI for your website. There are many free web analytical programs you can install on your website; if you want to know a few resources contact us at admin@internetwisers.com
After you have analyzed the activities of your website visitors then start making some changes by providing the information they are looking for, making it easy to find what they are looking for, and having an option to take an action (buy product, give you their contact information, etc.) on every page of your website.

We hope this information has helped you realize your goals and the actions you needed to turn your website into a profitable business!
If you need any suggestions, advice, or guidance on how to make your website turn into your most profitable employee we are here to help.
Internetwisers offer free analysis and advice if you simply let us know what your goals are.

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