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Social Media Marketing for Business Success

Posted on: August 2nd, 2011 by internetwisers 1 Comment

Social Media Marketing for Business Success

Internetwisers social media marketingAccording to Wikipedia,  “Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communications goals through the participation in various social media networks ”

Unlike offline traditional forms of marketing which is about  having  a good location like the best retail outlet location, the best billboard advertising location or the best page to advertise in a magazine; online social marketing, on the other hand, is about providing information and solution to your target market or what your target audience is looking for.

It is essentially using Social Media Marketing for Business Success through various popular social media network sites like Twitter,  You Tube and Facebook. These are the more commonly know ones.

Because of the very social aspect of the web, where people go online and being social beings, these people start to group together and form virtual networks online on an informal basis to discuss common topics.

Using these social platforms,  a person or an organization is able to leverage on the internet  through these social networks  for their traditional or online internet business success  by connecting  to their customers or supporters on a more personalized  and dynamic level given the social and viral aspects of such platforms.

Therefore, having a presence on social networking sites like Facebook has become increasingly important for individuals, organizations and companies for branding purposes as well as for launching new products.  With these networks, it provides a cheap alternative for the marketer to get the word out, but also provide an avenue and place to interact with the customers and supporters as well as allowing these people to interact with each other. This is a great starting point for marketing to go viral and gain valuable exposure for products or offerings.

The role of traditional media such as newspapers, TV, radio, SMS broadcast is been replaced rapidly by online social medias such as blogs, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.  With internet, any one can start their online papers using free blogs, posting videos on Youtube, and comments on Twitter and Facebook, sharing whatever content they like , to their very own target market.

To be successful using social media, it is about providing content, conversation and building relationship with the community.  Using social media, one can get the word out at a faster speed almost instantly, at a much lower cost than offline traditional media. Therefore, using social media marketing is really about leveraging using the internet  by way of using these online social media platforms to help disseminate and spread the word of mouth which is really the best form of advertising about your business or brands or information by sharing content, engaging in conversations with your customers, supporters or fans and building communities related to your business.

Social media is not a fad, its here to stay and its is a fundamental shift in the way all of us communicate and marketing using  these medias offers the lowest cost option, that is easy to measure, easy to scale, fast to implement for anyone  or business to achieve success  whether for their offline or online promotions. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important that to get ahead with business competition, every company whether they are doing the traditional brick or mortar business or whether they are doing online business should use some sort of social media marketing for business success.

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