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Backlink Strategies to Help Your Page Rank in Google Search Engine

Posted on: July 31st, 2011 by internetwisers 3 Comments

Backlink Strategies to Help Your Page Rank in Google Search Engine

There are easy and complicated ways on how you can get backlinks for your website or blog. Whether you are a beginner or already into internet marketing, there are always on how you can improve your backlinking methods and strategies.

backlink strategies for google search engineBacklink Strategies to Help Your Page Rank in Google Search Engine (SEO). The number of backlinks or inbound links that your website receives increases the popularity of your website or blog. This will boost your website or blog’s ranking in the search engine results, whenever a keyword search related to your website is done.

Even if you write the best articles in your niche and your website can be found in the 3rd or 4th page of the Google search results, then your website will not get noticed at all. Backlinks or links in other websites that direct readers to your own articles or websites will increase your page rankings, and may eventually help you end in the first page of the related keyword search.

There are different strategies that could help boost the number of backlinks that your website receives. But NOT all methods are effective and will help you get good results. For example, spamming comments in blogs and websites in your niche will not help you at all. Webmasters will just delete your spam comments and will disregard you in the future.

Another one is reciprocal backlinking. This used to work before, however, search engine filters have become more effective and are looking for unnatural and incorrect way of backlinking. Also, you have to be conscious with what website you link yourselves to. Getting linked with websites that practice questionable tactics can get you in trouble with search engines.

Your first strategy is to get armed, you need tools that will help you identify the backlinks you need to level with your competition. There are tools like the Yahoo search tool where you can determine the site’s number of backlinks.

SEO Quake is a plug-in for browsers. This will help you determine the high page rank (PR) sites by displaying search engine data of the website that you visit. It also displays the backlink count of the website. Using these tools will help you determine what are the high PR sites in your niche where you could get high and quality backlinks from.

Having a directory submission software would help a lot in making sure that you will be submitting your articles, with the links, in different directories. Just make sure that you have good articles to submit. Article marketing is one of the most efficient ways on building backlinks. Aside from that providing quality and unique content will also establish your footing and reputation in your niche. Google does not only rank websites or blogs based on the backlinks that they receive but also with the content of the articles.

Aside from directories, you could also participate in forums and other blogs, leaving your comment or opinions. Make sure to include your link in your signature. This will definitely help you generate backlinks immediately. You could even submit Press Releases with your link on it.

Social and shared bookmarks are also a great way to share links. You can share with other people your site and other bookmarked sites. Video marketing in video sharing sites like YouTube, will also help you generate backlinks. Submit your video to YouTube and include your link in the description box.

Understanding the strategies of using backlinking is great after reading the methods presented here. However, the key for you to succeed is you to take action. Implement the strategies you already know. If you need more internet marketing techiques and workable stratgies join our Internet Marketers Classroom. For just $1, you can have the most up to date information, logon to http://internetmarketersclassroom.com today!

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